Building Your Business, Growth, Operations and Marketing Ideas – Developing Your Long-Term Business Strategy

Your Goal: Develop a long-term strategy with a list of tactics.
Tactic: a method or technique used to achieve an immediate or short-term gain. Example. Direct mail campaign or trade show.

Ask Yourself: What current tactics are you using?

Strategy: a carefully defined and detailed plan to achieve a long-term goal.  The overall impact and ultimate position you want to achieve in the market.

Ask Yourself: What is our long-term goal as a company?  What do we want to achieve and how do we want to position ourselves in the market?  What is our market – geographically?  What industry’s do we want to target?

Developing your pitch:  What could we say to everybody to keep them in their seats?  You will attract more buyers if you are offering to teach them something of value to them than you will ever attract by simply trying to sell to them.

Ask Yourself: When a buyer is looking to purchase your product, how much of an expert are they? If most buyers are not experts at what to look for in your products or service, this opens a gaping strategic opportunity for strategy.  This is called setting the markets buying criteria.  This basically means every buyer can be taught to be a better buyer of our products and services.

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