Building Your Business, Growth, Operations and Marketing Strategies – Purpose?

Plan, test and establish policies for every step of the sales and operations process from prospecting to cold calling to initiating interaction with customer rapport building right through to customer follow up and project execution.

Team Question – Ask Yourself:
What are the things standing in the way of this being a much better company? 

What are our strategic objectives?  What would make us more respected?  What would position us as an expert to our buyers?

 What are our Strengths?  Weaknesses?  Opportunities?  Threats?

 What is our best possible strategic position?

 Focus on t he impact areas of our business:

What can we improve on? 

§   Outside Sales

§   Marketing activities

§   Customer Service

§   CRM

§   Purchasing and Supplies

§   Shipping and receiving

§   Inventory Control

§   Accounts payable/receivables/cash flow

§   Personnel

§   Production/Project Management

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