Building Your Business, Growth, Operations and Marketing Ideas – Making More Sales and Generating More Leads and Closing Prospects

Sales Training: Your goal is to focus on your best buyers, increase your knowledge and get more clients and sales.

The Process and your Goal:

Create a rapport – what professional goals do they have?  How can you help achieve these goals?  What specific tidbit or info can you refer to at a later date? Bday party, activity they were doing

Qualify and establish need – do you understand your clients/prospects needs and objectives?  What are the most pressing problems and how can you solve them?

Build value- what do they consider valuable?  What benefits or add-on products would appeal to them and why they will continue to buy from you?

Create desire- what is the pain point that you can solve?

Overcome objections- what are their objections and how can you put them to rest?

Close – what did they buy and why?

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